Southern Initiatives Ideas.Net is an endeavour to create an easily accesible online storehouse of good ideas that worked. We are asking civil society groups big and small and individuals from all over the world, to share with us initiatives that have changed human lives while, protecting the environment

We are setting up a simple online submission system and database for storing your ideas and sharing it with everyone, completely free. We will have a simple search tool on this page for finding Ideas using keywords. Please come back to this page for more. Meanwhile you can share your ideas that worked, with us by email.

We will be doing a basic screening of submitted ideas and then put them up at this site. From time to time we will showcase some of the best ideas on this website and in our publications. Ideas that are simple, low-cost, replicable to a large extent and benefit underprivileged peoples especially those suffering from abject poverty would be the focus of

It is our hope hope will benefit all well-thinking individuals and groups looking for inspiration and workable ideas for changing lives.