Southern Initiatives Journal of Sustainable Development (ISSN 0973-5380) is a quarterly published by us. Surely we live in times of great upheavals. Our mindless exploitation of the earth's limited resources have damaged the environment and brought unbearable stress on ecosystems and human lives. Sustainabilty and sustainable development is the only universally acknowledged way to reduce these stresses and disparities that are a threat to our common future.

Southern Initiatives Journal of Sustainable Development:
- Sustainable development in thought and action
- Well-researched articles and papers on the many facets of sustainable development
- Thought provoking essays
- More than 100 pages of reports, research, opinion pieces, campaign news and more from academics, activists, UN representatives, labour leaders, from around the world
- Of interest to activists, students, academics and decision makers
 - Book reviews and more

Past and present contributors include Noam Chomsky, Jeremy Seabrook, Ravi Agarwal, Veena Jha, Lucien Royer, Jeffery Barber, Said Mahmoudi, Harsh Dobhal, Niclas Sveningsen, Uchita de Zoysa, Sasanka Sekhar Dev, Gautam Vohra, Parul Sharma, Stephen Law, Solane Montillaud-Joyel, John Carlin and many others.Every conscientious person will find something of interest here.

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 Editor: Rajat Chaudhuri Editorial Board: Adreesh Chakraborty, Anupam Pachauri, Ezra Chiloba, Jeffrey Barber, Lorena Alessio, Nabinananda Sen, Parul Sharma, Rajat Chaudhuri, Uchita de Zoysa